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“I always wished that I had a “calm button” on the back of my head…

…but I couldn’t find it!” 

But I DID discover how to practice yoga for emotional wellness.

In the next few minutes you are going to discover a self-care practice that has helped people that are struggling with anxiety, depression, and stress from all over the world.

I’ll even give you the first week of my course for free where you’ll learn the six foundational yoga poses.

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The Science of Yoga for Emotional Wellness…

The eight-week course was designed using the latest research in whole-self approaches to emotional wellness. This includes research on yoga, mindfulness, and cognitive-behavioral approaches to emotional wellbeing. Ok Cloudy does not intend to manage, treat, or cure any medical condition. If you feel that you are struggling with medically diagnosable anxiety or depression you should talk to your health care provider before including the Ok Cloudy Yoga for Emotional Wellness program in your self-care plan.

I work hard with my research buddies to adapt the latest scientific research into the online course. Here’s some exciting findings!:

Discory #8: Activating neurotransmitters associated with a reduction in depression

Some amino acids in the body, such as gamma-aminobutyric, have been shown to increase after even a single yoga session, resulting in a calmer sense of peace with the world.

    Streeter, C. C., Whitfield, T. H., Owen, L., Rein, T., Karri, S. K., Yakhkind, A., ... & Jensen, J. E. (2010). Effects of yoga versus walking on mood, anxiety, and brain GABA levels: a randomized controlled MRS study. The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, 16(11), 1145-1152.

Discovery #14: A brain that can change itself

Recent research on neuroplasticity (how the brain changes itself) suggests that yoga can help to reduce the severity of depression by increasing the brain's ability to change.

    Tolahunase, M. R., Sagar, R., Faiq, M., & Dada, R. (2018). Yoga-and meditation-based lifestyle intervention increases neuroplasticity and reduces severity of major depressive disorder: A randomized controlled trial. Restorative neurology and neuroscience, 36(3), 423-442.

Discovery #11: Improving Your Sleep

A scientific study in people that were suffering from insomnia from having chemotherapy found that doing yoga improved the quality of their sleep.

Sohl, S. J., Danhauer, S. C., Birdee, G. S., Nicklas, B. J., Yacoub, G., Aklilu, M., & Avis, N. E. (2016). A brief yoga intervention implemented during chemotherapy: A randomized controlled pilot study. Complementary therapies in medicine, 25, 139-142.

Discovery #6: Reducing the fight/flight response

Yoga has been shown to reduce the hyper-alertness that causes people to fall into fight/flight.

    Streeter, C. C., Gerbarg, P. L., Saper, R. B., Ciraulo, D. A., & Brown, R. P. (2012). Effects of yoga on the autonomic nervous system, gamma-aminobutyric-acid, and allostasis in epilepsy, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Medical hypotheses, 78(5), 571-579.

What people are saying about the Yoga for Emotional Wellness Eight Week Course…

“…it helps me quiet my mind…”

Dear Alysha,
I find the online emotional wellness yoga course comforting, its gentle structure of exercises and meditation is wonderful it helps me quiet my mind and assist my breathing properly. You are wonderful to listen to.

-Tania M.

“…the feeling of ease you get after each class…”

I learned techniques for how to relax and relieve muscle tension naturally. I liked that the course is suitable for absolutely anyone and the feeling of ease you get after each class, the increased flexibility and peace of mind. I would recommend this course to anyone suffering anxiety as I have experienced the results first hand

-Adam G.

“…it is nice not to have to compete with yourself for attention…”

It was easy to do the course. I think all sorts of people would enjoy hearing you speak and relating stories with the mind and body. It is unsophisticated and for an hour it is nice not to have to compete with yourself for attention.

-Antony D.

“…I started to feel excited about yoga again…”

I started to feel excited about yoga again (I had done some Iyengar yoga a few years earlier). I found the pace and atmosphere of the course to be really mellow and comforting. I enjoyed the guided meditations. I still remember some of the stories in the meditations – ie the man who had a son who fell off a horse and broke his leg and thus avoided having to go fight in the war etc etc! So I think about this story when I feel that something that has just happened is ‘bad’ 🙂

-Wendy L.

“I found emotional wellness”

I found this course has taught me how to heal my emotional wounds in a positive gentle loving way. I found emotional wellness. The best feature of this course is the flexibility of online access, having moved around a lot, travelled and it has been great not having to contend with peak hour traffic. Three other benefits of doing this course has been improvement in physical flexibility, ability to commit to weekly practice and I sleep better.

I would highly recommend this course to others because it delivers on its promise of emotional well being.

-Karen G.

“Best yoga I have done…”

From the course, I experienced an increased calmness in everyday life and a more present life experience! I increased in flexibility and understanding of how to do the basics in yoga because it’s so well explained. I found myself being less judgemental of self and others. So many other classes would just say, ‘now do downward dog’ but in this class I actually learnt how! Everything is explained so well which helps prevent injury.

Best yoga I have done, no-nonsense!

-Marcell P.

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“…a helpful, supportive and gentle class that helps you help yourself.”

I am not depressed nor do I have anxiety, so I was worried that the class might be too specifically targeted to those things to be suitable for me. What I wanted was a gentle form of self care that could get me back into some physical activity after dealing with chronic pain for a long time, and it turned out that the class was absolutely perfect for that.

After going to in-person classes for a while I moved house further away from the studio and was unable to get to them, so I signed up for your online video classes. I was hesitant to enrol for the video classes because they cost the same as in-person classes and I wondered about the comparative value of them.

From the online course I was able to feel confident and calm about re-introducing physical movement into my life. The mindful approach to movement and the gentle approach to self-healing and self-support gave me a lot of confidence in my own ability to look after myself.

I really enjoyed the movement parts of the classes- they were gentle, nicely paced and I felt really comfortable and supported to move in whatever way or shape that worked for me. I also really enjoyed some of the stories. Some of them have stuck with me and have helped me frame my own struggles in a more positive and helpful way. (ps, my favourite one was the swamp)

I always felt calm and zenned out after class. I felt the classes helped me reduce my overall stress level. It felt good to be actively contributing to my own wellbeing, and the knowledge/realisation that I was doing so bolstered my confidence to be able to take care of myself in other ways.

I would absolutely recommend the course to others! The course was a wonderfully gentle and calming act of self care. It helped me to treat myself with more compassion. It was amazingly refreshing to do something that wasn’t about *doing or *achieving something in the perfect way. Alysha is a caring and thoughtful teacher who provides a helpful, supportive and gentle class that helps you help yourself.

These classes worked so well in conjunction with my pain management therapy. It was such a great way to introduce mindful movement back into my daily life. I gained confidence in my own ability to move either with pain (with mindfulness and less mental panic/struggle) or without pain (after gradually conditioning my body through the classes I was able to have a greater range of movement and greater strength).

Warm wishes and big hugs to you, Bella.

“…the benefits of a weekly yoga session without the expectation of getting it all perfect.”

I like to do yoga in person, but actually the course is available for a whole week, so as soon as I receive the email, I’ll start working out when I’m going to do it for that week. And if I feel like it, I can do the course more than once during the week, which is if I have a week where I might need that little bit more self-care.

I love that there’s plenty that the course gives you that you can do in your normal every day. It’s not just about the movements; it’s about trying to stay in the moment and being grateful for what you have at any given time. I find myself telling a lot of the stories Alysha tells to my own kids because each of them has its own lesson that brings you back to what’s important.

I love the lion’s breath sequence, because it’s something that I can change up depending on how I’m feeling. It can be completely different, depending on whether I want to push myself or I just want to flow into each pose. I also love the start and end of each session where Alysha will do a meditation or tell a story that always leaves you with something you can take away.

The course is flexible – you can do it whenever you like within the week and you don’t need a large space – just enough for your mat. Each week builds on the last, so there’s continuity between each session. Alysha also encourages you to just be you, so she provides lots of different ways to do the poses so that it’s safe and comfortable for everyone. I find some weeks I’ll want to push myself harder and might add poses like a plank here and there, while other weeks I’ll keep it simple and might focus heavily on something like my breathing.

For me, it provides the benefits of a weekly yoga session without the expectation of getting it all perfect.

It truly has changed the way I feel. If I don’t do my weekly practice, I notice the difference!

-Jo W.

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